Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shrek and McDonalds house party

Have you ever heard of house party? I was told about it this past summer and sort of forgot. It is a free program where you can sign up to be one of the people selected nationally to host a party at your house for different products that are new and they want feedback on.
Most of you that know me know that we are big Shrek fans at our house. Ever since Courtni was little, this has been a favorite for our kiddos. I am pretty sure that if we had it on VHS we would've well worn it out by now (probably a few times!)
Anyway, whats not to love about Shrek and free food? One of the parties you can apply for right now is a Shrek and McDonald's theme! How great is that?
I am pretty sure I shouldn't be telling you, because that increases my competition for winning! LOL, no, but how great would that be to get to host that. Anyway, here is the link, good luck!http://www.houseparty.com/splash/mcdonaldsmcnuggets