Friday, September 3, 2010

1st day of school...I had to do it twice!

Well the school year is finishing up its 2nd week today. Wow, it goes fast! Courtni started 2nd grade and loves it so far. She is so smart and always seems to love to learn. I am so glad that is the case and that she really enjoys it. In fact, she is always wanting to play school when she isn't actually at school. Silly girl! She went just fine, she always does. I can tell she is nervous, but she doesn't cry or anything. That should make it easier on me but I think I cried harder this year than the last 2 combined! Maybe that had something to do with Clayton not being there and me having to do it alone. He really is my rock and I lean on him a lot.

Brayden actually started school the day after Courtni. That really was nice because this way I was able to go to the class with each one of them and spend a few minutes together. When we walked out to the kindergarten playground, Courtni got really clingy and wouldn't go over to the "big kid" side. She just started bawling. Where was this coming from?! I was in shock. She said she had held it in for the first day but just needed to cry now. I couldn't argue with that, since I felt like doing the same thing. Luckily Brayden didn't really notice and acutally played on the toys a little bit. I have to say I was so nervous to leave him. He is so stubborn and can be a real turd when he wants to be. I can't get him to do anything that resembles learning for me so I honestly didnt think it was going to go too well. When the bell rang and they all lined up he wouldn't let me go. The principal had to carry him into the classroom by his armpits because he tried to throw himself on the floor and she caught him. I felt like a horrible mom! Here is my super shy guy and I am just leaving him in a building full of strangers. I didn't want to leave! I know he plays it up for me, I am not dumb, but it was still so hard!
When I went to pick them up that afternoon his wonderful teacher told me that he did so good. He even participated!!! That is HUGE for Brayden. She thought I was kidding when I told her that I never ever volunteered an answer in school but I wasn't. Maybe I did in grade school, but once I was old enough to remember very well I didn't. I was so scared. To know that he was participating made me so very happy! What a big boy he is!
I know I say this a lot, but my kids are my life and to know that they are having a good time while they are at school is such a relief! I am one proud Momma!