Monday, January 25, 2010

I've been tagged!

I was reading my sisters blog, and she had been tagged by a friend. She tagged anyone who was reading her blog, so here we go! I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, not hard!
1. My kiddos
2. My man
3. a clean house
4. couponing/ getting a great deal
5. bryson's kisses (I love all my kids kisses, but Bryson is so little that he makes the cutest face when he is getting ready to kiss)
6. getting to church, having the gospel in my life
7. my family (both my immediate and in laws)
8. the time I have at the end of the day just for me
9. Ross (the store)
10. hanging out with my sisters

So there you go, I could go on and on, but it was limited to 10. Now if you are reading this you are tagged! HaHa! Please leave a comment so that I can check out your blog and see what you put

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtni!

I am in shock today. My little girl turned 7! How did this happen? When did she grow up? Where have the last 7 years gone? I am so lucky to have her in my life and to get to be her mom. She really is an amazing little girl. I feel horrible admiting this, but I tend to take her for granted. She is such a big help to have around and loves to take care of Bryson. I really couldn't ask for a better first child!

I worry about how our relationship is going to be when she is a teenager. She is already so stubborn and strong willed, will we butt heads? We do now a lot, so I have a hard time seeing it any different. She is so independent, which I am SO thankful for, but it makes it hard for her to remember that I am the parent sometimes I think. Sometimes she reminds me of a teenager now, so I worry about those teen years. And as my mother in law pointed out today, she is "over the hill to teenagehood". Scary thought!

I am glad she is growing up and that she is a healthy, happy child. I am so thankful for that. I just wish that we could keep them little for longer, you know? I wish we could bottle up their innocence and child like wonder so that they would never lose it. I wish I could just freeze time and really enjoy my kids without all the interruptions of every day life. Just for a day. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

So tonight, as I get ready to go to bed I am full of mixed emotions. Does anyone else feel that way on birthdays? I get so excited to celebrate with them and see their joy, but it is hard to let her grow up too.

Anyway, I love you, sweet girl! Thanks for all the joy you bring into my life!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Christmas

I hope everyone had as good of a Christmas as we did! It was really peaceful this year. We weren't overly rushed and had time to enjoy our Christmas weekend! What a change!
A few years ago Clayton and I decided that rushing around, trying to make it to both of our parents homes for every holiday was too hard. We had Courtni and wanted to enjoy some of the holiday at home as our little family too. As our family grew, this was even more important so we decided that we would switch off every other year. (This year was my parents for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Clayton's parents for Chrsitmas day). We always feel really guilty no matter who's holiday it is because we love our families and we all get along so well that we want to spend time with both. We are HUGE people pleasers, and worry about hurting feelings, but this is so much better!
Courtni spent her Christmas break with walking pnemonia. I have to admit, when the Dr said the word pnemonia I kind of panicked a little inside. She explained that it isn't as scary as it sounds, it would heal itself in 5 months even without antibiotics. Dr Marvasti cracks me up. She is so relaxed about things, and was just trying to explain that it wasn't worth beating myself up for not getting her in sooner. I know it isn't as bad as regular pnemonia, but as if 5 months of coughing and feeling miserable would be any fun!
I am not sad to see 2009 go, I must say. I hope that 2010 is a great year! I have high expectations. Ok, not super high. Just if we could avoid getting sick every other day or getting hit by cars that would be great! ;) Don't they look so cute in their new clothes?

Courtni loved everything about Christmas! She had so much fun!

Brayden was a little excited about his new bike!

Brayden and Britnee love each other so much!

Bryson was so excited to unwrap the gifts. He was so fun to watch!

Bryson and his best buddy Brandon

Courtni, Madi and Ashlee showing off their cuddly new pjs! I want a pair!