Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtni!

I am in shock today. My little girl turned 7! How did this happen? When did she grow up? Where have the last 7 years gone? I am so lucky to have her in my life and to get to be her mom. She really is an amazing little girl. I feel horrible admiting this, but I tend to take her for granted. She is such a big help to have around and loves to take care of Bryson. I really couldn't ask for a better first child!

I worry about how our relationship is going to be when she is a teenager. She is already so stubborn and strong willed, will we butt heads? We do now a lot, so I have a hard time seeing it any different. She is so independent, which I am SO thankful for, but it makes it hard for her to remember that I am the parent sometimes I think. Sometimes she reminds me of a teenager now, so I worry about those teen years. And as my mother in law pointed out today, she is "over the hill to teenagehood". Scary thought!

I am glad she is growing up and that she is a healthy, happy child. I am so thankful for that. I just wish that we could keep them little for longer, you know? I wish we could bottle up their innocence and child like wonder so that they would never lose it. I wish I could just freeze time and really enjoy my kids without all the interruptions of every day life. Just for a day. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

So tonight, as I get ready to go to bed I am full of mixed emotions. Does anyone else feel that way on birthdays? I get so excited to celebrate with them and see their joy, but it is hard to let her grow up too.

Anyway, I love you, sweet girl! Thanks for all the joy you bring into my life!


Puterbaughs said...

No kidding they grow way too fast! Before you know it she will be getting baptised. I couldn't believe how old it made me feel when my first turned 8.