Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey Guys! I can't believe that it is almost Christmas! Can you believe it?! Where did this year go? I have been so busy trying to get everything done for the Holidays, that I haven't even thought about posting on here. Oops! I am so excited though, I started a new blog that you can find if you click on my profile info. I did it for me, just to keep myself challenged I guess, but I have had a ton of viewers already! I am up over 1000 page views just in the last 3 days! Thats just nuts! The funniest part about it is that they are all looking at my snowman fridge. Not the crafts, but my cute little snowman fridge. Don't get me wrong, I am glad they are there, but it just makes me and Clayton laugh! It is so simple and cost us nothing, but that is what everyone wants to see. So go take a look!