Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hey everyone! I just thought I would let you in on my friend Sarah's blog giveaway. You probobly have either seen or heard about her recently because she was in the Statesman and also on Channel 2 news. She is a couponer and gets the best deals! She has a blog that she just started a little over a month ago and it has just exploded! The ideas and things she has posted have really helped me because I just recently became addicted to the couponing game. I am no where near where she is, but I would love to save the money that she does. Anyway, check out her giveaway if you have been thinking about trying to save a little money with the economy like it is, you can't do too much! Its not something you have to devote a lot of time to, every little bit helps! Anyway, I have her button on my screen, it is the "thrifty mom" one under my sites I like.


A Thrifty Mom said...

Thanks for the post Tammy...grab my button some time if you want. Hey are you moving I saw on my facebook you are looking for boxes...if you are I hope you aren't going to far. Take care