Sunday, April 19, 2009

courtni's artwork

If there is one thing my little Courtni loves to do, it is draw. She can sit for hours and color, draw, paint, anything crafty and artistic. I can see her being one of those women that I wish I was someday and be able to make the most beautiful crafts to display around her home. I love to watch what she comes up with when she is given just a simple white sheet of paper. She is so patient and has been trying to perfect her coloring skills so that she doesn't go outside the lines. I don't think I even knew that you weren't supposed to go out of the lines when I was her age, let alone care that I was! It is amazing how patient she is when she is coloring. This little girl who can't seem to sit still long enough to brush her hair literally sits for hours when she has something she is drawing or coloring.

It is so funny to see the difference between her and Brayden; she loves to color and do crafts, Brayden would rather play the wii. She takes her time and picks her colors carefully, Brayden colors everything the same color just to get it done! Brayden just doesn't have the patience to sit around and color, he needs the action of making Shrek beat someone up on his wii game. (I hope that isn't going to backfire on me someday!) Me, I just love to see them happy and watch their little personalities form. Not that I am going to let Brayden play the wii all day (much to his dismay), but it is nice to be able to know what they enjoy. Unfortunatley, the Easter Bunny didn't think that one through when he brought a new box of crayons for Courtni and Brayden. Oops, can't win them all I guess!

Anyway, I just thought I would post this one picture Courtni drew me the other day because it makes me laugh every time I see it. She lost two teeth on Easter this year leaving her with 5 1/2 holes in her mouth. (The one is only 1/2 because the tooth has begun to grow in). So that night she drew a picture of herself and taped a piece of floss to the mouth. You can't see it, but it is there and is part of the humor of the whole thing to me. Next to it she wrote, "Yor dodr Courtni pullng owt hr tooth" translation: "your daughter Courtni pulling out her tooth". What can I say, she is good at art, but hasn't quite grasped the spelling thing yet;)!


Will and Melissa said...

Tami, that's so funny and clever! Love the spelling, too!

Liz K Harding said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing!