Friday, September 25, 2009

Brayden's 1st preschool fieldtrip

Brayden started preschool a couple of weeks ago. Some of the moms in my new ward do a coop and I am so glad that they let me join even though very few of them even know me yet. He is doing pretty well, once I actually get him there! Well, on Wednesday the group of us (10 in all) went to Petco. I had never been there. (Don't really have a need to when you don't have a pet!) Apparently they do group tours where they get the animals out and let you pet them and they tell you a little about each animal. It was pretty neat. Brayden wouldn't actually touch any of the animals, but he did get close to them and looked at them. Hey, I will take any improvement I can get! I couldn't resist taking some pics. Brayden said his favorite part was the cat (I guess he doesn't get to see enough of those wandering the street around our house)! I was surprised, I thought for sure it would be the snakes and lizards!
He did really well, but he is a typical 4 year old and got distracted from all the animal talk. I guess spinning around the pole is more exciting then listening to how big all the lizards will get!
Brayden's fav part... the cats name was marmalade
Bryson getting ready to pet the baby boa


FreeFamWorld said...

Super fun! Hope you guys are getting settled in your new home!!

And, just for the record, I noticed your blog list of Friends and Family and wanted to say a big fat THANKS for spelling my name right. <3

Hugs and Love!!