Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family pics

My heck, as much as I am on the computer you would think my blog would be updated! I am too busy reading everyone elses, I guess! This fall my wonderful sister Betsy took our family pictures. We haven't had them done since Brayden was a baby. A little baby. We're talking like just a couple of months old so I figured it was time to get some again! It was such a good day for them too! It was a little overcast (which is perfect if you are a squinter like me) and just a little cool. The next day the temps dropped and it was so cold! Our timing was perfect.
Betsy took us to some spots by her new place in Meridian which were absolutley gorgeous! I fell in love with the rock wall with the windows! She doesn't give herself enough credit, but she is so good! I will let her practice on my family any time! Thanks for the great pics Bets!

This was at the end, and Bryson has had enough!

Brayden is so difficult to photograph, because he gets stubborn and won't smile, I was so glad that he did. Even if his fingers are STILL in his mouth!

Bryson did not like being held on to !

Brayden is doing his best Dr Evil impression!

Brayden is doing what Clayton and I would both like to be doing! I hate getting my picture taken!

I love the coloring of everything in this one. Brayden and his blasted finger again! I am glad Courtni likes getting her picture taken, it makes it easier for her to stay focused on the camera while we try to position the boys

Seriously, she is so gorgeous! I love her so much!

I tell you, these kids are my life! Seriously, I am such a proud Mama!

1st one and everyone is smiling. Well, I am not sure if Bryson is smiling or wondering what crazy aunt Betsy is doing making those faces!


Wendy said...

Cute pictures!