Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Lexi...Plus the longest blog post ever!

I did it. I tried to talk myself out of it for so long, but I caved. I got a puppy! Clayton has been wanting a pure bred boxer pretty much his whole life. It just so happens that he married an avid dog hater. Ok, so not so much a hater, I don't mind petting a puppy occasionally, but I don't like being licked, or followed, or to clean up after them. Call me selfish, but I have enough to clean up after at home! I managed to get out of having a dog around pretty much our whole married life(except for a brief time when I was preggers with Brayden, but that didn't last very long).
Well, the kids decided to side with dad, oh, um, I mean wanted a dog. We told them that we would when we got a fence. We have a fence now. The excuses don't work anymore. They are smart! I decided to man up, and give in.
It actually wasn't really planned. I was trying to decide what to get Clayton for father's day that he wouldn't find out about and that I might actually be able to surprise him with this year (if you know Clayton you know that is pretty hard to do). So I got on and did a search. There I found the cutest litte girl boxer puppy ever and her 2 siblings. They were registered, cute, purebred and a lot cheaper than regular price. So I debated about what I should do. (Ok, I tried to talk myself out of it). When Clayton got home I decided I needed to talk to him about it. Surprise or no surprise, a puppy isn't exactly a decision you make alone without discussing it with your hubby. I showed him the ad and told him what I was thinking. He just stared at me. Yep, just stared. I think he thought I was joking. Unfortunatley, I was not.
Our conversation went something like this: Him: "But you said you didn't want to have to take care of a dog because I am always at work."
Me: "I know, but I changed my mind"
Him:"You can't just change your mind on that. It is a big thing."
Me:"I know, but you are never going to find a boxer in this pricerange again, and I am actually excited about it. The kids would love her."
Him:"Whatever, you are lying."
(Apparently I am evil and would show him pictures of cute little puppy dogs that he has wanted since forever and then say, just kidding!)
He fell in love with the same one I did. I breathed a sigh of relief because her brother was not so cute. He was the ugly brindle fur color that is gross.
We called my wonderful mother in law who watched the kids for us. I didn't want to bring them, get their hopes up just to squish them back down when we left empty handed. We didn't leave empty handed. I have since questioned my sanity several times. What the heck was I thinking? But, then she looks up at you with those so cute puppy dog eyes and you can't help but love her. There I said it. I love her. Most of the time.
Most importantly, my family loves her. All of them. Brayden is terrified of dogs, even Betsy's microscopic chihuahua terrifies him. Not Lexi. He lets her chew on him, chase him, lick him and love on him. I am so proud!
I have figured out why God made puppies so cute. Its the same with babies. If they weren't cute, and did all the gross things they do, and you have to care for them the way you do, then you would get tired of it really fast. You would always be annoyed at them, and you would never want to do it again. He makes them cute so that when they look up at you with their innocent faces, you love them no matter what they just did. This way they grow up into a not so cute do slowly, gradually. You have already grown to love them by the time you realize the cute puppy is no longer,its now a grown up dog that isn't nearly as cute or cuddly. Pretty smart, because if we were born looking like adults who in the world would want to change our bums, or feed us?