Thursday, November 13, 2008

Courtni's school picture

I just wanted to post Courtni's 1st school picture ever! This is her kindergarten year, and she is loving it! She finally got her picture packet and brought it home today, so I had to share just how beautiful she is! I would kill for her curls!
Things are good here in the Smith household. We are finally recovering from our annoying colds and seem to be on the upside healthwise, until the next virus hits:)! Bryson is getting so grown up and is rocking on his knees now. I keep waiting for him to start crawling because you can tell he wants to so bad! He is the most active baby we have ever had. In fact, I lost him the other day! I left him on the living room floor to go make lunch for the kids and when I cam back he was missing. He had rolled underneath the coffee table! Crazy little guy! He is everywhere, and I am sure will soon enough be into everything as well! I love the stage that he is at, he is jabbering, and smiles so much! Just such a little doll, and I love watching him!
Brayden is good, just as onery as ever! I got to see Britnee this week, so he has been so happy! He is doing pretty good with his glasses, although I am not sure how he sees anything through all the gunk on them! I can't believe how dirty they get! He is learning so much and can now count to ten and is actually saying some of his alphabet. I love watching his reaction when he realizes that he figured something out. He gets so excited. One of my favorite things about him is how he shows so much on his face. When he is excited his whole face brightens up and you can just feel the excitement coming from him.
Courtni is doing so good in school! She just got her 1st report card and is doing excellent. The teacher says that she is her little helper any time they have a sub, she is the one who gets to explain to the sub what they are doing. I am sure that she loves that, because she loves to be in charge! Mrs Lords said she picked her because she is so smart and she knows that she will make sure it gets done the way it is supposed to be done! She is loving making new friends and it seems like she is constantly coming home with a story about someone new that she has played with that day.
So, that is the excitement in the Smith house this week! I hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Stephanie said...

She is just so cute! I bet it's hard to believe that she's in school already. Sounds like you guys are staying any and every mom does, right? So much fun.

Kamie said...

Me too! I'd take a set of those curls!!!