Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surprise, Courtni!

A picture of all 14 kids we had here. Yeah, I must be crazy, it was a lot of kids!

I feel like my posts are almost always about Bryson. Sometimes I get worried that people will think he is my favorite, he is just so little that everything he does is new and exciting and ends up being posted for all to see. Anyway, don't anyone get too shocked or anything but this one isn't about Bryson! It is all about my beautiful little girl, Courtni who will turn 6 next Saturday. I can't believe that she is already 6, time flies (which, I also seem to talk a lot about!).
For her party she had decided to do a High School Musical theme since she is obsessed over the movies right now. We had it all planned and then she mentioned to me that it would be fun to have a surprise party like her cousin Tori did a couple of years ago. That got me thinking that it would be fun and I instantly decided that we could pull it off even if she did already know that she was getting a party. So I told her that it was going to be on the 31st so she could help hand out invitations and all the fun stuff but it was really for today! I filled out all the invitations while she was in bed so that she wouldn't see the date and catch me. Pretty sneaky, eh?
Clayton took her out so that we could get it all set up and then I hid all 12 of the other party goers in the toy room when they got to our house. She was so surprised! She had on this ridiculously large happy birthday hat that they had picked up while they were out. She threw open the front door and announced "here I am!" so that she could show off her hat. Then she noticed people there that weren't supposed to be (my cousins and sister Betsy). She tried to pull the hat off but not before everyone came out and yelled surprise. I have never seen her blush like she did today! She was so embarrassed! It was so cute. She told me later that she didn't want anyone to see her hat that was why she was so embarrassed. How do kindergarteners know about being embarrassed about their appearance? It seems like that shouldn't happen until they are older!
I was so glad to be able to pull it off and caught her with a big grin several times throughout the afternoon. It is moments like that where you know your child feels loved and special that make it all so worth it!
Here she is trying to get the hat off before she is seen. Too late!


Puterbaughs said...

Congrautlations on pulling off the suprise. That is actually quite the accomplishment with little ones.