Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can ramble if I want to...its my blog!

I don't know what it is today, but something has me extra emotional! Probobly not the best day to blog, but I couldn't resist! I just feel so very blessed today to be a Mommy and I am so lucky to have the 3 cuties that I do in my life not to mention their hot daddy! I know that I have so much work to do to become the mom that I want to be. I love them so much, I truly wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my little family, I live and breathe for them! I don't know how I ever survived before I had them in my life, it seems like a lifetime ago!
Courtni just had her 6th birthday and that is so hard to believe! It has gone so fast. I admit that sometimes her strong willed personality is a challenge for me, but she is my baby girl and I would give my life for her! Although some days I question how we are going to make it through teenagehood if she is as stubborn as she is now, but I have no doubt that her strength will be a much needed attribute as she tries to survive through all of the horrible things that make up our world today.

Anyway, I guess I am just meloncholy because she is getting so grown up and needs me less and less every day, so that is probobly why I am so emotional. I am so proud of her and the little lady she is growing into!


Wendy said...

What a cute family!