Thursday, February 5, 2009

"How did that car get under my bus?"

Hey there all, I just wanted to tell you a funny story about Courtni. On Monday morning, Courtni's bus got in a little accident on the way to school. Of course, not being on the bus with her I didn't know this until the bus co. called to tell me after she was already safe and sound in her class. I felt awful, here was my little kindergartener all alone and probobly scared out of her mind about the loud, horrible experience on the bus.
I was going to go down to the school just so I could see her and make sure she was ok. I admit, that was mostly for my state of mind because I was going crazy! I stopped and thought about it first and decided that if that had been me in kindergarten I would have seen my mom at the school and instantly fell apart. So, being the brainy person that I am, I decided to call the school so I could talk to her, hear her voice, and get a feel of if she needed me. I underestimate my daughter. She is so much stronger then I ever was, and that is a great thing (most of the time). She was so embarrassed that I would call her to the office to talk to her on the phone. (She is embarrassed of me already, I can't wait for high school!)
I had found out from the bus co that the bus and the car behind it were both stopped, but the car behind that didn't and pushed the poor car in the middle into the bus. No big deal they told me. Courtni couldn't tell me a whole lot when she got home from school. All she knew was there was a loud crash and then a kid fell into the seat next to her. She didn't really even realize what happened just heard a loud bang and then the bus driver made them all get on another bus.
We were watching the noon news because my mom said they were going to have the wreck on there, and they showed the bus with a car under it. Ok, not totally under it, but the front window was pretty well crushed and it was pinned pretty good. Not exactly "no big deal" to me when I saw the pictures, I kind of started to over react. Those of you who know me well know that I have a tendancy to do that! I was getting upset that they had played it down when it obviously was more then they had said it was. Courtni was looking at the tv and turned to me all confused. She asked, "Mommy how did that car get under my bus?" I couldn't help but smile, Here I was all concerned about the "trama" my little girl had been through and she didn't even know what had happened! I explained to her that was the loud thump and what threw the kid into her seat with her. That car under her bus is what made her have to get on another bus. I don't know what she thought was happening. Her bus driver just decided to call it a day and park in the middle of the street?
It obviously was ok. Luckily for the high schoolers in the cars, there were only minor injuries. Lucky for us, the only injury around here was Courtni's pride when she got called to the office to talk to her mom!