Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bryson turns 2

I can't believe my baby is 2 today! Where has time gone? Really, I swear to you it just seems like a few months ago that I was feeding him out of a bottle and giving him baths in the sink. He was such a cute little guy, not much has changed there. The proportions are bigger but he is just as adorable as ever. He has the added cuteness of the "beginning to talk" phase where everything they say comes out so cute and soft spoken. I love it.

He started out not being so sure about the opening presents part, but picked that up really quick when he figured out that there was something for him each time he got that blasted paper pulled off (which, by the way, took He insisted on pulling it off one tiny piece at a time. Even after he could actually see what was inside the box. He was even so gracious as to give me a courtesy "wow" when he opened up a couple of shirts that he needed, (not so fun, but hey, they were cute.) before he tossed them at grandma and reached for another package.

I love this little guy so much. He brings so much joy into our home. He is a clown, and a mischevous little guy but that just adds to his charm. For now. Ask me if I still feel that way when he is old enough to bring spiders in the house to scare me. :)

Happy birthday, my littlest sweetheart! You may not be a baby any more, but you will always be my baby!