Monday, May 31, 2010

Still got the craft bug!

I tell you, I have a major craft craving goin' on right now! Usually I just sit and drool over everyone elses beautiful crafts (my favorites list is always growing) but this week I have been making my own. What I have really been jonesing for is to get my home painted so I can hang up my awesome vinyl lettering that my awesome sister gave me for Christmas. But, since it is nice weather, the outdoorsy stuff has to be done first. :( No, I am looking forward to some fresh tomatoes and cukes this summer, not to mention needing a yard for the kids to play in, a garage that we can move in without holding your breath and squeazing through a narrow passageway, so I will gladly get that stuff out of the way first! So, while my hubby was outside putting the windows in on our beautiful new shed that he built (I am so proud of him!) I was inside keeping the kids busy with crafts!

In the beginning...

all we have left to do is put in the windows and paint. The color won't change much, but it is just primed for now. Didn't he do such a good job? He loves to build stuff and it always turns out so beautimous! Check out our yard, isn't it fabulous? JK, hopefully that is coming next along with some trees for shade!

Anywho, now that I have bored you to tears, on to the good stuff! I got the idea for these letters here. I copied her capital templates and then just went into microsoft publisher and made my own lower case. It was so easy! I love them! Mine aren't anywhere as cute or as perfect as hers, but I still think they are pretty good for someone who can't sew very well!

Ok, I know I am a doof. My lower case a is backwards. Oh well, it wasn't worth taking the pic over again by the time I discovered it.

I love them. I got most of the material from scraps from my mil and my stash. So basically all I had to buy was the batting. Not a bad little project. I have been playing with them with my 4 year old who puts his breaks on everytime he thinks he is about to learn something. Sneaky, sneaky! He doesn't even know he is learning, he just thinks we are playing a fun game!

This next project is my favorite. I bought some gaudy gold frames on good ol craigs list a while back with the thought to paint them black and start a pretty little black and white collage on my staircase. I was bummed though, because my favorite of the frames I got had this wierd defect. The paint would do this bubbly thing all around it. I don't know if it was something to do with the finish or what, but it just wasn't working. So, I decided to modpodge some scrapbook paper on it. Genius, I know! But really, it turned out even better than I expected! It is absolutley gorgeous! The paper I picked is black with silver writing on it. Not the greatest picture, but most of the frame did this wierd bubbly stuff.

I am in love with this after though! The pic is the one that came with the frame (obviously), I need to get some printed in black and white to put in this. I love, love, love it! Who would've thought, such a simple thing could make me so happy?! Anyway, I did some more, but they need some finishing touches put on them, so I will have to reveal them tomorrow maybe. I am so excited to show them, I think once I get some plate stands, I may actually like the space above my kitchen cupboards with the crafts I did a couple of days ago. I am loving this!
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Judith @ Creating Balance said...

Love the paper/mod podge idea! The frame turned out awesome!