Monday, May 24, 2010

Feelin Crafty

So, since we moved into our home in August, I have had this obsession with decorating and crafting. I look at decorating/craft blogs all. the. time. Seriously, I have a problem! I look at them and think how fun they would be, but I am too busy looking to actually do them on my own! I have had a piece of wood I bought at DI probably about a year ago now that has been waiting. I've had it painted since Christmas time and was just waiting to order the vinyl for our home evening chart. I finally got it done! I love it! The only problem is that I wasn't paying attention and ordered 1 too many "jobs". There are only 5 people in our family, so I was just going to get 5 assignments, but somewhere along the ordering I ordered 1 too many and didn't notice until the craft was complete. Oh well, I still love it! I have several other small projects in the works that I am working on getting spray painted when the wind calms down enough, which, lately has been hard. I am finally trying to get the space above my kitchen cupboards decorated the way I want too. I have been watching that spot since we moved in and have a bunch of this and that up there. Clayton has all of his popbottles that he collects, I am trying to decide what to do with those. I am thinking the office to go with his MtDew ones that are already up there. Anyway, I am hoping to finally get it to resemble somewhat of what I am going for soon. I hope. Maybe. We will see. :)

So here are the pics of my fhe sign. It is so simple I know, but I love it! Originally it was someones chore chart and had 4 holes drilled in it for hooks I guess. I painted it black (thank you Glidden sample jar that was FREE by mail!) and then distressed the edges. I like it better that way, I probably could've done more, but I was rubbing it off in places I didn't want to so I stopped. Then I put a piece of sheet metal I got at the craft store and had my hubby cut down on with E600. Great stuff! After that I added the vinyl lettering. I don't remember the fonts I used but I got them off of I like how the fonts the assignments are in is not super straight, it made it easy because then I didn't have to worry quite so much about making sure it was perfect. I thought I was being so original with the sheet metal because all of the ones I have seen were done with little hooks or something to hang the names off of, but then when I went to get the metal, the craft store had one displayed similar to it. Darn it. Oh, well, I still love it!

Oh yeah, I made the magnets at Christmas time with those little flat, glass marbles that you get at the craft stores and some scrapbook paper that I had on hand. It worked great because it had little sayings about family on it. I thought that was fitting since it was for a family home evening chart. I wrote our names on the paper and then stuck the paper on with E600. Turned out cute, and was so simple I should be embarrassed that I am even sharing it! But I'm not. Because I love it. Now if I could just get Clayton to hang it.

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Gus and Carolee Drake said...

Wow that turned out great! You are so craft... in the good way! Miss ya. We really should... you know the drill, but lets have a park day when it warms up!

clare's craftroom said...

Love your craftiness ! That is a great sign , well done .