Saturday, September 27, 2008

1st time blogger

Welcome to our blog everyone! We are the Smith's; Clayton, Tami, Courtni, Brayden and Bryson. I just started this blog thing, so give me some time to figure it all out!
Our little family is from Caldwell and we want to be able to keep those we love (you) in touch with what is going on in our lives! Right now I am sitting here typing and listening to the sweet sound of my silent house! I love when the kids are in bed and you can peek in on them and they look so sweet and innocent! Checking on them before I go to bed is one of my favorite times because all of the craziness from the day is gone and it is just their sweet little selves all snug in their bed! One of the many joys of being a Mommy!


Mom/Marie said...

I love your new blog!! You are such a great wife and mom. I am so proud to have you in our family!! I love you all!! Mom/Marie