Sunday, September 28, 2008


Clayton is the daddy in our family. He is such an amazing man! I am so lucky to be his wife. He is one of those guys who isn't happy unless the people around him (especially his family) are happy and goes out of his way to make you feel better. He is so giving, kind hearted and just an amazing, amazing person!
He works for Nagel Beverage which is the local Pepsi bottling company for us here. This job is perfect for him because he is addicted to the stuff! He really enjoys it. They are very good to him and us with so many perks that most employers don't offer.
He is an outdoorsman all the way and loves anything he can do to get him in the fresh air, especially if it means a trip to the mountains! When we met, he spent the majority of the summer camping, fishing, 4 wheeling, etc. but now settles for a chance to do it whenever time permits. Our brother in law Dave once told us that Clayton was smarter in the mountains because he has all of these little shortcuts and is prepared for just about anything while camping. He is definitley in his element in the crisp mountain air!