Monday, October 27, 2008

Brayden gets glasses and Bryson sits up!

I guess that the title of the blog pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Well, good night! No just kidding! We finally got Brayden's glasses today. He looks so dang cute in them. I wish that he didn't need them, but they are so adorable it almost makes you forget that. It was so funny once he got them adjusted and went back with my sister Betsy (she works for his optometrist) to get a balloon, he came down the hall looking at the carpet really closely. I think he could finally see what it actually looked like and was soaking it all in!
I am glad that they have a warranty because I am afraid we are going to need it! We already had to take them in to get them adjusted because he was playing and they fell off his face and got stepped on. He seems to be doing well with them though, hopefully he will continue to and will be able to see better!

I tried Bryson in his boppy again today. Just a couple of days ago he couldn't stay up so I didn't hold much hope for it. He sat there for a little while. He did good, but then would get so excited that he would fall over because he wouldn't hold still! He was so proud of himself and I think that as he gets better he will be much happier having a little independence. So, today was an eventful day and I am ready for bed. I hope you are all doing well, good night!


The Freemans said...

Boy do the Sharp genes run strong... would have said that Brayden was Jarom a few years ago. Jinkies!!

Betsy said...

he looks so cute i agree with maryhelen he does look like Jarom

The Hemming's said...

The glasses are adorable!

Stephanie said...

How cute! Your little guys are so cute! What a handsome boy in the glasses too!