Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Loverboy

I just want to take a minute and share just what a sweet little boy my little Bryson is. Ok, both my boys are sweet, but this time it is Bryson that got the attention! He loves to kiss me. Sometimes he will just grab my face and start kissing whether I am ready for it or not. I love it and the drool doesn't phase me one bit! I have to take advantage of those precious kisses while I can, before he figures out that there are better things to do in life then kiss his mom!


Wendy said...

Hi Tami! It's Wendy Warrick. I was blog hopping and found yours. Bryson is such a cutie. I will have to add you to my list of bloggers.

The Freemans said...

Tami! It's Maryhelen ~ Katee found me and I found you through her... what an adorable boy you have!
You're on my list now...pop over and see our new baby girl!