Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the Go

I can hardly believe how fast this past 6 months has gone! One day, I have this newborn baby who needs me for everything, and next thing you know he is crawling! Yes, he is crawling. I don't know how anything can be more enjoyable or entertaining then watching your kids go through their milestones. I seriously love it so much!
Bryson has been our little steamroller for several weeks now, but last night he actually crawled. I know in the pictures it doesn't really look like he has moved, but in person you could actually tell. (Don't you feel like you are looking at one of those flip books of him moving?) As the night progressed he ended up making it all the way to the Christmas tree. He does the cute little army crawl and sort of kicks off with his toes. So stinkin cute!!!!! He is so busy and I have a feeling that I will later regret my enthusiasm for him crawling, because he will be getting in to things and causing all kinds of mayhem, but for today I am reveling in my sweet, little guys newest accomplishment!


Tory said...

What fun! I love it when they learn to be mobile! Enjoy him now! Next thing you know, he will be swinging from the monkey bars!