Sunday, December 14, 2008

Potty training, concerts and snow, oh my!

They are just way too cute for their own good!
I think Courtni is beautiful in red!
Brayden looks way too grown up!
He looks huge here, but still so stinkin cute!

This has been one busy week at the Smith house! To start it off, last Sunday Brayden (who is 3) got up Sunday morning and announced that he needed to go potty! I have been trying to convince him to try potty training for months, but of course it had to be his idea! (Just a piece of advice, when it comes to potty training don't waste your time trying to force your little ones to do it. Both of mine so far have done it so well and quickly when they decided on their own that it was time.) He made it through all 3 hours of church in big boy undies and has only had about 5 accidents all week! I would say that is pretty good. He is so proud of himself, and I am pretty dang proud too!
Courtni had her school Christmas program too. I didn't know that they did that in kindergarten, but this school does! It was insane in the little gym at the gradeschool with all of the other people there, but she was so cute! The kindergarten sang 3 songs and she just beamed the whole time! I was lucky enough to sit right in the front (because I forced my way and sat on the floor in a pile of other crazy parents) but the pictures still didn't turn out.
We got all ready for church today and I was a week ahead so I got the kids all dressed in their cute little Christmas outfits. I was saving them for next Sunday since it was the week before Christmas, but oh well! They all looked so cute. I had to take pictures because I don't know how many more times I will be able to get Bryson and Brayden to put their ties on! It was also our 1st snow of the season that actually stuck when it hit the ground. The kids were so cute watching it all morning to see how much more was sticking. They were so disappointed when it was beginning to melt when we left for church, but they ran through it and were very thankful to get to the church so we could go inside where it was warm. I thought that was funny since they begged me all morning to go play in it! I guess they must get their love for the outdoors from me:)!