Saturday, December 27, 2008


We started out Christmas break with actual snow! I was so excited! It seems like years since we had a real white Christmas around here! The kids were dying to play in the snow, but Clayton was at work and I couldn't take Bryson out, so they actually went out and played. It seems like when they go outside to play if one of us aren't with them they don't stay out very long, but they were having so much fun that I was actually sad to not be out with them. That takes a lot because I didn't even like playing in the snow when I was a kid! But they were so cute, Courtni was trying to teach Brayden how to make snow angels, but he wouldn't lay down. It was hilarious! Headless snowangels!

So another Christmas has come and gone. I don't know about you, but I always feel a little bit let down when it is over! All the build up and then it is done so quickly! I love Christmas with kids though. It makes everything so fun and new again. The kids seemed to really enjoy it, despite all the craziness that is our life during the Holidays.
We consider ourselves very lucky to have both sets of grandparents nearby as well as so many of our siblings, but this time of year it can make it a little stressful! Trying to make sure we get to both houses and give as much time to both while still having our family time can be tough, but the kids truly don't seem to mind, thank goodness! We decided a couple of years ago that we would switch off and go to one on Thanksgiving and the other on Christmas and just switch it every year. That works pretty well, as long as we go to the other set of parents on Christmas eve. Anyway, it makes for a lot of gifts and even more pictures with opening gifts 3 different places. That is probobly why the kids don't mind, right?! We were at Clayton's parents on Christmas eve this year and since there was so much snow they pulled out the 4wheeler and attached a sled. The kids loved it!!! They didn't even complain too much about their bums being frozen afterwards. I was surprised that Brayden even got on (he tends to be a little bit nervous about strange things).

It was a wonderful Christmas, probobly the best in years! We figured we would have a sick baby since Courtni and Brayden were both sick on their 1st Christmas (Brayden even went to the ER) but luckily for us we were given a year off! They all had a touch of a cold but nothing to keep them from thoroughly enjoying themselves!
Bryson didn't show much interest in the opening of the gifts, just wanted to watch all the excitement around him, and believe me there was plenty! I am so glad that we have him this Christmas to celebrate with us and complete our little family. We are so completley blessed!
Ok, Courtni really did get more than peanuts, but this was the best shot of her, and for some reason she was really excited about the nuts in her stocking!
This is about as much excitement as he showed all day! Even getting to sit with his favorite Aunt Betsy didn't make him excited about his gifts
Brayden wasn't so sure about this Santa guy coming into our house while we were sleeping, but he was so excited to find his very own gum in his stocking! He was, I promise, don't let the face fool you!


Wendy said...

Megan tried to do snow angels this year too. It was pretty funny to watch her. She didn't quite know what to do with her legs.

Puterbaughs said...

Hey I have a blog too. I didn't put it on face book but I'm glad you did yours.I am so glad technology gives us the chance to meet up with old friends.